That's how it works

this is how it WORKS


Let’s talk about it, we provide one-stop everything, such as service, 3D modeling, software development, etc.


A test object or demo will be created according to your wishes and needs so that the further procedure can be discussed using these visual examples.


Finally, the needs for the respective project are defined, the acceptance process is specified and the integration is discussed on the website.


We’re going live!

Frequently asked questions

Augmented Reality means “extended reality” in German. In a real space, additional digital products can be added using a screen. Your products directly in your customer’s room – only virtually, of course.

CGI is Computer Generated Imagery, an image created using a computer. A 3D model can then be designed from this, i.e. a three-dimensional image of your product.

The more imagery available of a product, the better for optimal CGI technology use. However, there are no minimum requirements, although cutouts with a white background are ideal. We get all the other information we need from similar models.

The cost of CGI technology depends on the complexity of the product and can be 500 euros per model. Our costs are prices per model, which offers cheaper options thanks to the high number of models, but for example rendering is included in the price depending on the type. Get a non-binding quote and let’s discuss your project.

There are high-quality qualities that are indistinguishable from photographs and low-quality qualities that can be seen as fake with the naked eye. Depending on the project requirements, we optimize the quality according to the wishes and needs of our customers

3D modeling can be used for various customer-friendly projects, such as a configurator, a showroom, augmented reality and many more possibilities.

Let’s talk about it, we provide one-stop everything, such as service, 3D modeling, software development, etc.

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Mockup Studio was founded and funded in Darmstadt, Germany in 2014 from the European Space Agency (ESA) incubator. We are a young team of computer engineers, 3D artists & creative minds who make the latest 3D technology available to everyone.

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