Selling complete sets instead of individual products

Virtual showrooms for future-oriented shop providers

Let customers create their own furniture sets - Enable interactive furniture combinations and personalized virtual showrooms

Instead of selling individual products, sell complete sets

Virtual showrooms for forward-thinking retailers.

Let customers create their own furniture sets - Enable interactive furniture combinations and personalized virtual showrooms.

Sell complete sets instead of individual products

Virtual showrooms for forward-thinking retailers

Allow customers to create their own furniture sets - Enable interactive furniture combinations and personalized virtual showrooms.

At MockUp Studio, we want to offer you an innovative way to provide your customers with an unforgettable shopping experience – through the integration of our interactive ‘Shop-the-Look’ feature. Your customers will be inspired by pre-made looks that they can not only view but also actively customize. The result? A personalized shopping experience that promotes customer engagement and fills the shopping cart. Seamless integration on your website? Leave that to us as well. We want you to sit back and focus on what you do best – offering great products. With [Your Company Name], you have a partner who not only provides an innovative solution but also takes care of the entire process from analysis to modeling to integration. Our mission is to give your shop a boost. Through interactive ‘Shop-the-Look’ elements, we create not only more sales opportunities but also a unique and appealing shopping environment.

Innovative Customer Journey

Personalized looks with our interactive
'Shop-the-Look' feature


Inspiring Discovery

End customers are inspired by curated looks. A source of inspiration for customers, a strategic tool for shop owners.



Customers choose a look and customize it to their preferences. A personalized journey for the customer, a means of customer retention and revenue growth for shop owners. The option for virtual try-on creates a realistic shopping experience. Customers visualize products, shop owners create an innovative environment.


Effortless Adding to Cart

After customization, the selected products are seamlessly added to the shopping cart. For the customer, it’s a simple process; for shop owners, an increased sales opportunity.

Discover Stylish Variety

Three Unique Paths to Your Showroom Experience

Directly on the Website

Let your customers be inspired by different customers

The showroom can be integrated directly on the website to allow visitors to immediately immerse themselves in the product selection. A clear and attractive presentation of the various looks could be placed on a dedicated page or even on the homepage. Users can navigate through the different styles using clicks and hover interactions and select products instantly.

Personal, precise, perfect

The customer discovers the appropriate showroom through a quiz.

Offer visitors the opportunity to discover their individual style by answering a personalized quiz. Based on the quiz responses, a suitable showroom with corresponding looks can be presented. This not only creates a personalized experience but also allows for tailored recommendations that align with customers’ individual preferences.

Image by image to the dream look

Our unique Style Tree experience

Utilize the unique “Style Tree” experience where users can search and select images. The more images they choose, the more accurately their style preferences are analyzed. Based on this analysis, the website guides users to a dream look. Afterwards, customers have the opportunity to further customize this look in an adjustable showroom. This dynamic and interactive experience not only creates a playful environment but also allows for deep personalization of the showroom according to users’ individual preferences.

Versatile Showrooms

Digital, In-Store, and at Trade Shows - Experience
Personalized Looks Everywhere

Online Showroom

Your online showroom is the digital business card of your shop. Customers can conveniently explore handpicked looks, customize products, and try them out virtually from the comfort of their homes. Seamless integration into your website creates a unique shopping experience that enhances customer engagement and maximizes sales opportunities.

In-store showroom (Scanning on-site and visualizing and configuring in 3D online)

The in-store showroom not only revolutionizes the on-site shopping experience but also bridges the gap between online and offline worlds in the omnichannel model. Customers can scan products directly in the store and then visualize and configure them online in impressive 3D.

Trade show showroom due to limited space

At trade shows where space is limited, your trade show showroom becomes the star. Here, you showcase a curated selection of looks that capture the attention of visitors. The ability to virtually customize and configure products on-site maximizes trade show success and provides an innovative solution to make a lasting impression even in limited space.

Why our showroom is the optimal solution for you:

Increase in customer engagement:

Offer your customers personalized shopping experiences through [Your Company Name] and foster customer loyalty. For shop owners, this is a proven means of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Maximize Sales Opportunities

MockUp Studio's customization options increase the likelihood of impulse purchases. Shop owners benefit from increased sales opportunities by encouraging spontaneous buying decisions.

Efficiency through Outsourcing

MockUp Studio handles the entire process, from analysis to integration. Shop owners can focus on their core business and utilize resources efficiently through effective outsourcing.

Data-Driven Optimization

Utilize advanced analytics tools from [Your Company Name] to gain deep insights into customer behavior and continuously optimize the 'Shop-the-Look' feature. A data-driven tool for shop owners on the path to success through continuous improvement and adaptation to market demands.

Experience Interactive 3D Furniture

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    Mockup Studio was founded in 2014 in Darmstadt, Germany, emerging from the European Space Agency (ESA) incubator and receiving financial support. We are a young team of computer engineers, 3D artists, and creative minds dedicated to making the latest 3D technology accessible to everyone.


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    © 2023 mockup studio. all rights reserved.

    © 2023 mockup studio. all rights reserved.